Victorian Home Floor Plans:
Classic Looks with High Efficiency

Victorian home floor plans can be designed to experience the classic feel of years gone by. The beauty is that with current technologies and design knowledge, a classic Victorian home can also be efficient.

One important thing to consider when planning your Victorian-style home is your budget.

Because of the many different design characteristics of the exterior walls, a builder will charge much more to build this style of home than one that is mainly a "box" or rectangular shape.

But the best way to determine the building cost is to obtain a set of plans on which a builder can create a specific cost estimate. Then, you can determine whether this style of home matches your budget.

Most of the older Victorian homes were built with aesthetics in mind, not practicality or efficiency. But you can achieve the same great looks but with maximum efficiency. One of the many current innovations is in wall construction. ICF or insulated concrete forms is a way to construct your exterior walls with concrete.

This technology allows a homeowner to enjoy the security and strength of a concrete wall with the design flexibility that can't be achieved with traditional mason block construction.

High efficiency insulation is another area that can make a classic design an efficient design. The variety of choices available for insulation vary from traditional fiberglass bat panels to closed-cell blown-in cellulose.

These different options all have different price points, so it is up to you to do your homework and decide what the best choice is for you.

These are just a few of the decisions that you'll need to make when designing your new home. The biggest challenge facing you will be balancing your budget with your needs--and if you can do that then you'll be well on your way to happy home ownership.

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