Unique House Plans:
Cost Saving Tips with Big Results

Unique house plans are the only way that you are going to get the custom home that you are looking for.
The real work is planning out your needs for the space available in your new home.

But "unique" is a subjective term, and means something different to each person. So it's up to you to determine what YOU mean by "unique."

It is great to think about the possibilities of a new space. The real challenge becomes really figuring out what the best use of the space is. The process of deciding should come from your current habits.

Following are photos of some unique houses to give you some design inspiration:

unique house plans

Above: This unique home has an Asian-inspired design with a rooftop observation deck. Great for sites with a view!

unique house plans

Above: This large home that sits on a corner lot uses a tower as the focal point.

It's quite easy to recognize the shortcomings of your current home or apartment, because you've lived in the space already. The real challenge is to make sure you recognize any potential shortcomings of your new home during the planning process to avoid any disappointments later.

So, as you strive for uniqueness, be sure to also consider your space needs. Make those needs be the driving force behind your design, then you and a designer can add a flair of uniqueness while still meeting your needs.

A well-designed set of floor plans will allow you the opportunity to create their dream home that's truly unique yet also practical.

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