Interested in a solar attic fan?
Here's critical information before you buy.

A solar attic fan is a valuable tool in maintaining a comfortable living space. A solar powered attic fan provides several benefits to homeowners.

The obvious benefit is cooler temperatures in your attic. This has several trickle-down benefits.

Benefit #1: A cooler attic allows your cooling system to work less. By moving the hot air out of the attic, a solar powered attic fan provides an envelope of more temperate air. This translates into less cooling work for your home, which means lower energy and maintenance bills.

Benefit #2: Moisture control. In addition to removing hot air, an attic fan also removes moisture from condensation and appliance vents. This helps preserve a dry, mold-free attic that will not negatively impact your health.

Benefit #3: After you purchase and install an attic fan, the operating cost is zero. By selecting a quality unit, you also ensure very low maintenance costs.

Solar powered attic fans work in conjunction with passive attic cooling (which is standard on most homes). Typical construction utilizes vented eaves and vented roof peaks. These openings allow air to enter the attic in the eaves and then rise and carry heat out through the higher peak vent.

A solar attic vent should be installed close to the peak vent, where it will draw that rising hot air up and out of the attic.

Another consideration for attic venting is a vent that you mount through the end wall of your attic. These vents should also be mounted close to the peak. These vents require a detached solar collector or PV panel on the roof to collect the solar energy to run it. One advantage of these vents is that you don't have to cut a large hole in your roof.

One option to consider when purchasing your attic fan is a thermostat. Most solar powered attic fan manufacturers offer thermostats. The jury is out on whether you need a thermostat, but buildings in cold climates might benefit. The argument is that by running attic fans on cold days, you are actually pulling heat out of your structure. If you decide on a thermostat, you will find that they are inexpensive and simply dangle down into your attic space.

Although installation of an attic fan is a simple procedure, you may want to hire a professional. Remember, you are cutting a large hole in your roof! It does not take much to develop a leak around the unit, which will then lead to lots of problems in your attic and ceilings.

These relatively inexpensive fans provide a lot of bang for the buck. They are an excellent investment that will pay for themselves in a short time.

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