Pool House Floor Plans:
Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Pool house floor plans should be maximized for the enjoyment of a backyard pool. The sizes and styles can vary drastically, so it's best to give some thought to what types of activities you'll be hosting in the space.

Pool houses can be used for many different things other than just a changing room. There are many features that you can incorporate into the design in order to get the most out of your investment.

Following are some photos to give you creative inspiration:

pool house floor plans

pool house floor plans

Design and Amenity Considerations
One of the current trends in backyards is the installation of outdoor kitchens. These kitchens can feature every modern convenience that you could possibly imagine. If this is something that interests you, then it presents an opportunity to perhaps incorporate it into a covered porch or raised deck around the pool house.

Other options can include things such as wet bars and flat-screen televisions that can be used to watch the game when the kids are enjoying the pool.

A separate structure on your property can also drastically increase the amount of your finished living space. If you design the house with the thought of it doubling as a standalone guest cottage, then you will be able to accommodate more guests with no space concerns.

Energy efficiencies should also be kept in mind when designing new quarters. This space can be much more affordable if it doesn't create a huge energy bill every month. By utilizing efficient windows and doors and HVAC units, you will be able to keep expenses in line when the temperature starts building.

Property Tax Implications
However, remember that adding another livable structure to your lot/land may increase your property taxes significantly, so be sure to check with your local assessor's office when planning for your new pool house.

These backyard oases are a great way to get the maximum enjoyment from your backyard. Just take the time to carefully research and plan before "jumping in" to your new pool house!

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