Narrow Lot House Plans:
Designing for Maximum Space Efficiency

Narrow lot house plans are a necessary evil in many neighborhoods around the country. This type of design restriction can present some unique challenges as well as some unique opportunities.

One of the biggest challenges is to design the home to take full advantage of the property that is available.

A through understanding of the setbacks will allow you to push the house to the maximum allowable dimensions.

The use of decks and porches allows you to take advantage of every inch of room. Decks and porches provide a great place to entertain guests in a covered and perhaps screened-in environment. They also provide a good return on investment when you decide to sell the property.

narrow lot house plans

narrow lot house plans

If you are fortunate enough to have a nice view from your lot, then you might want to consider adding a porch on a second or third floor. In many coastal areas, it is common to see the installation of a covered porch on the roof. These "crow's nests" provide a great place for entertaining or just relaxing.

Window placement is another concern in a narrow design. Chances are that you will be very close to your neighbors. This proximity means that you should carefully plan window placement to avoid looking out your window directly into your neighbors. This becomes particularly important in a bath or bedroom.

narrow lot house plans

Storage is another challenge. Outdoor storage can be particularly tough. One solution is to construct an attached storage unit. These allow enough storage for various yard tools and bicycles, but not much more. If your house is being built with a crawl space or pillars, it can provide you with space to store outdoor items that won't be damaged from the weather.

Inside storage solutions abound. From closet systems to space efficient furniture, the options are endless.

As with designing any home, when designing a narrow lot house plan, the best thing you can do is to thoughtfully plan out the space before beginning construction.

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