Lake House Plans:
Proper planning is essential with lake house plans.

Lake house plans are where your dreams become reality. This is the time to carefully consider all of the different options available in order to make your dreams happen.

When purchasing your lakeside land you should keep several things in mind.
The first is to make sure that the land is high and dry.
You can always add fill but it is better to start out with a nice plot that will ensure that your home will be safe in the event of high water.

Access to utilities is also a consideration. It could be quite expensive to run utilities into a remote location.
It could also be expensive to create a driveway in a remote location as well.

After you select your dream site it's time to think about where you'll place your lake house. If you can selectively clear the lot, it will give you a much better idea of the topography and the potential views available.

The foundation plan you select should fit the location. If you have any concerns of the water coming anywhere near the house, then you should go with pilings that will raise the structure out of harm's way. If, on the other hand, the spot is high and dry, then you might consider a full "walk-out" basement. This will greatly increase the square footage of the house while providing another great spot to enjoy the views.

Windows and doors should be of appropriate quality. If you're in a cold climate then make sure to get well-insulated windows. If in a hurricane-prone area, then make sure to get impact-resistant glass, so that you don't go to the house after a storm and find broken windows and a real mess.

The exterior finishing materials should be durable for your local conditions. Most people want to spend more time enjoying their lake house rather than painting or staining it.

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