ICF Block: Energy Efficiency and Strength

ICF block is an innovation in the building industry that allows builders and home owners the opportunity to build strong efficient structures in a timely and cost effective manner.

An insulated concrete block is a double sided "form" which is made out of three inch thick styrofoam which is connected by interlocking fingers and a rebar grid work (see the photo at the bottom of this page).

The grid work of interconnected rebar is inside the walls and will provide rigidity and strength when the cavity is filled with cement.

icf block

This type of construction provides a core of concrete that is eight inches thick and is totally encased with the insulating foam. This offer the strength of the cement with the added benefit of the insulating factors of the foam.

This is different from traditional building with mason blocks. Once a mason block wall is built you then need to insulate and stud the wall to allow for insulating and wiring and plumbing. These steps are eliminated with insulated concrete forms,you can attach sheetrock on the interior by gluing and screwing into "studs" that are a part of the styrofoam interior.

icf block

This also saves a significant amount of time for the builder. There is a variety of companies that offer different size blocks to fit a variety of applications. Here's a link to one of the popular block manufacturers, Eco-Block.

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