English Cottage House Plans:
Classic looks with modern efficiencies.

English cottage house plans allow everyone the ability to get a taste of an old English cottage. Fortunately for us, we are also able to take advantage of some current building products and techniques that can make an "old style" cottage efficient and affordable.

Many older English cottages were constructed of some type of masonry. One area that has made huge steps forward is the use of insulated concrete forms in place of basic mason block construction.

This technique utilizes a continuous pour of concrete within rigid polystyrene insulating forms. Once the pour is completed, the forms remain in place and create the finished wall.

This type of building technique also allows for flexible building design and the use of many different finishing surfaces.

Windows and doors are another area that has seen huge improvements in recent years. The efficiency of windows and doors has come a long way since even a few decades ago.

These types of innovations in building techniques and materials have allowed designers much more flexibility and efficiencies when developing a set of plans.

The use of different insulating materials and thus more efficient HVAC units will lower the overall operating expense and allow for a much more efficient use of resources.

So you can still get the great look of an English cottage style house without the inherent inefficiencies of the original older homes.

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