Craftsman Style House Plans

Craftsman style house plans are based on the early designs of the 20th century. Craftsman style plans can vary greatly in size but they all incorporate a few shared features.

One of the most prominent feature is the roof design.

Most designs utilize a low pitched gable or hip design. This can incorporate a lot of different variations, but it usually sets the tone of the design.

The roof design often incorporates covered porches that can vary from small and austere to wrap-around ornate extensions of the home.

Another common thread throughout craftsman house plans is the use of varied materials. On the interior this includes, but is not limited to, such things as ornate moldings, unique stair designs, and the use of columns. In terms of the exterior such things as double hung windows and hand finished stone veneer help to create unique designs.

Many people associate craftsman styles with bungalows. Bungalows were created to provide small, efficient homes that could utilize as many local materials as possible in order to keep costs down. Many of these original homes have been well maintained or restored and represent a great part of American architectural history.

Craftsman plans allow you the opportunity to get a unique plan that can incorporate unique features that will make your house a personal statement about you.

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