Bamboo Privacy Fencing:
Privacy with an Asian Flair

Bamboo privacy fencing is a great way to get a private backyard with a different look. Most privacy fencing is the usual plain pine boards and uncreative designs, but bamboo fencing provides a unique alternative.

Typically the panels will come in 8-foot lengths that are 6-feet high. These dimensions allow for ease of installation and decent coverage.

We recently installed a very large section of bamboo fencing in a home in Florida. A photo of a section of the installed fence appears below.

bamboo privacy fence

Most people are amazed that the cost of the bamboo panels are quite similar to the typical wood panels. On the longer stretches of fence, we used bamboo (rather than wood) fence posts to complete the look. These posts came in longer lengths to provide a decent amount of space to securely bury them.

The project started with clearing and digging the holes at the proper distances. One of the additional expenses associated with any fence project is the bags of quick-setting concrete that you will need for every hole.

Each hole took a lot of cement, and for good reason...The truth became obvious after the first hard wind and rain storm--DO NOT SKIMP ON THE CEMENT IN THE HOLES. These panels, when installed, act as a sail that capture the wind. Make sure they are properly installed and secured.

The install went great, was on budget, and it looked great. Then came the waiting. It is best for the bamboo to age and become weathered. This opens the pores of the bamboo and allows it to accept a preservative.

A common weather sealant (like Thompson's) from a home supply store would be inadequate. This product works best. This comes in a variety of tints so that you can find what works best for your application. The light cedar color (315) restored the bamboo closest to its original color.

The fence has been in place for more than 2 years now and the owners are still happy and feel it is quite durable. As with any fence, it will take regular care, but it really creates a unique backyard border.

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